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Digital Spy is the UK's biggest TV and Movies website – by fans, for fans.

Hearst UK's largest website, DS reaches 28 million unique users globally, generating more than 100 million page views each month.

Founded in 1999 and produced by the PPA's Digital Content Team of the Year 2017 and 2018, Digital Spy has been at the centre of the global conversation around TV, movies, pop culture and showbiz for over 20 years.

DS now feeds fans on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, as well as the Digital Spy Forums one of the world's busiest social venues for TV talk.

Digital Spy's global HQ is in Hearst's central London offices, with team members based across the UK and US.

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The Team

Laurence Mozafari, Editor-in-Chief

lmozafari@digitalspy.co.uk | @laurence_moza

Chris Longridge, Deputy Editor

clongridge@digitalspy.co.uk | @Chris_Longridge

Kate Goodacre, Managing Editor


Shyvonne Thomas, Photo Director – Digital

sthomas@digitalspy.co.uk | @shytunes

Ali Griffiths, Head of Social

agriffiths@digitalspy.co.uk | @aebgriffiths

Catherine Earp, News Editor

cearp@digitalspy.co.uk | @CatherineEarp

Jess Lee, Chief Sub-Editor


Justin Harp, Night News Editor


Emma Tinson, Deputy News Editor


David Opie, Acting TV Editor


Daniel Kilkelly, Soaps Editor

dkilkelly@digitalspy.co.uk | @danny_kay

Ian Sandwell, Movies Editor

isandwell@digitalspy.co.uk | @ian_sandwell

Andrea Tonks, Deputy Picture Editor


Tilly Pearce, Acting Deputy TV Editor


Gabriella Geisinger, Deputy Movies Editor


Sophie Dainty, Deputy Soaps Editor

sdainty@digitalspy.co.uk | @Sophieee_D

Janet A Leigh, TV Writer


Ben Rayner, Video Editor


Newsdesk – newsdesk@digitalspy.co.uk

Site production enquiries – subs@digitalspy.co.uk

Forum enquiries – forum@digitalspy.co.uk

Advertising enquiries – steven.miles@hearst.co.uk

Regular Contributors


Adam Silverstein, Charlotte Dorans, Emily Hutchinson, Hannah Bird, Kayleigh Hooton, Megan Davies, Tessa Jones


Anastasia Koutsounia, Asyia Iftikhar, Brenna Cooper, Bridie Adams, Dan Seddon, Harriet Mitchell, Joe Anderton, Joe Julians, Jess Bacon, Mayer Nissim, Rianne Houghton, Sam Warner, Shaun Wren, Shivani Dubey, Stephanie Chase, Stefania Sarrubba, Susannah Alexander, Tasha Hegarty

Hearst UK Central Video Team

Greg Adams, Group Head of Video (UK)

Charlie Atkin, Deputy Head of Video (UK)


Matt Hill, Digital Development Director, Hearst UK

Matt Hayes, Chief International Brand Officer, Hearst UK

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