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Coronation Street's Maria Connor left devastated by deep fake scam

She questions her future in politics.

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Maria Connor considers giving up her political career next week after being targeted by online trolls.

The local councillor questions her future after experiencing the darker side of being in the public eye.

In upcoming scenes, Maria finds herself a figure of fun after someone edits together various speeches that she has made, turning them into a rap video.

Maria can't help feeling humiliated by the video, especially as it's not the only stressful situation that she's facing at the moment.

gary windass, maria connor, coronation street

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After inadvertently causing a strike among the local refuse collectors, Maria comes under fire from her neighbours over their unemptied bins.

Maria later hears that another viral video is doing the rounds, which has placed her head on a naked woman to make it look like she's in a porn film.

Gary Windass feels terrible for his wife as she despairs over how realistic the deep fake video looks.

Later in the week, Maria decides to seek help from the police as she's now receiving threats as well as nasty comments.

maria connor, coronation street

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Despite reservations from Gary, a determined Maria refuses to hide away from everyone and she hosts a press conference.

During the event, Maria is heckled by Jimmy, who is the leader of the refuse team.

Gary jumps to the conclusion that Jimmy must be the one who's behind the online alias which is making threats against Maria. Taking action, he aggressively pins Jimmy against the wall.

jimmy, gary windass, coronation streetcoronation street

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In the end, Maria decides that her family is under too much pressure and she vows that her position on the council isn't worth the hassle.

Maria's former rival Sally Metcalfe is sad to hear that she may be withdrawing from local politics.

Sally recalls how she was once in a similar position herself with online trolling, but she urges Maria not to be swayed from trying to make a difference.

Will Maria be boosted by Sally's words of advice?

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