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P-Valley's Brandee Evans confirms whether she performs her own stunts on the pole

Who exactly does those gravity-defying death drops?

P-Valley's mix of an underground setting and complex exotic dancers has secured it critical acclaim and a swift season two renewal.

But in between the gripping plots and unraveling relationships, there are also quite a few expert pole dancing scenes.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Brandee Evans, who plays Mercedes on the STARZPLAY show, revealed that, at least in her case, most of the moves we see her character perform at the strip club are the result of Evans's personal effort.

brandee evans as mercedes, pvalley season 1

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"A lot of times, yes it is," she said. "However, our amazing choreographer, Jamaica Craft, does have wonderful doubles for all of us actors. I definitely do a lot of my stunts, but we do have our amazing body doubles for certain moves."

But, while Evans did take the decision to take on more stunts for the upcoming second season of the show, it did not mean that her stunt double took a sabbatical.

"I did more this season. But also, because I did more, we had to have our doubles come in and do more as well."

In the series, Mercedes has been saving up money from working in the strip club to fund her dream of opening up a dance school in Chucalissa.

elarica johnson as autumn night, brandee evans as mercedes, pvalley season 2
Erika DossSTARZ

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The actress also broke down her preparation for this season's stunts, where she had to work out and "stretch more" after two years following a sedentary lifestyle due to COVID.

"I am in the gym all the time, trying to stay in shape," she told Digital Spy. "Because I feel like if I can stay strong, then I can do the things that’s needed of me on the pole.

"I stretched more this season, especially after two years of not being in a split, girl. My body was like: what's happening? So I was trying to stretch more."

Evans even took her approach to fitness a step further for season two, hiring a chef "so I would bring my meals to set – meal prep".

"I tackled it more so on the lines of being an athlete this season," she added.

P-Valley is available to stream on STARZPLAY in the UK and Starz in the US.

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