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Big Sky's Jesse James Keitel talks possible return in season 3

"There's definitely some story to tell there."

Big Sky's Jesse James Keitel, who stars as Jerrie, has discussed her potential return for season 3.

A third season was announced last month, along with news that both Supernatural's Jensen Ackles and Jamie Lynn-Sigler are going to appear as series regulars in the brand new season. However, Keitel seems uncertain about her future in the show, as she is focused on her role in the Queer as Folk reboot.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, she said: "Scheduling is definitely a bit complicated. But we'll see. I love Jerrie, and I love Big Sky. There's definitely some story to tell there. But I'm excited to be in the Queer as Folk cinematic universe, and to tell some stories that I'm really excited to tell."

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Jessie described her Queer as Folk role as "groundbreaking" because her character Ruthie is "allowed to be messy" and "makes a lot of mistakes."

"I mean, her relationship with Brodie is something seldom seen: a complicated, nuanced friendship/romance between a trans woman and a gay man. It's complicated, and it's nuanced with difficult conversations.

"There are some really beautiful, powerful, intimate scenes on the show that I don't know if audiences are prepared for. I think it's cool, getting to just be a trans woman who's treated like any other character would be.

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Discussing the way trans characters are portrayed on TV, Jesse said she believed they are "put on a pedestal," given an "angelic treatment" and "can do no wrong."

She commended the fact that Ruthie is able to make mistakes and "grow": "She's just struggling to be an adult. And who isn't? I think that's something a lot of people, whether they're queer or not, can relate to."

Hopefully, after enjoying her performance in Queer as Folk, we'll get to see Jesse back on our screens as Jerrie in season 3 of Big Sky.

Big Sky season 2 airs on ABC. The show streams on Disney+ in the UK.

Queer as Folk is available on Starzplay via Amazon in the UK from July 1 with two episodes dropping weekly on Fridays. Queer as Folk streams on Peacock in the US.

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