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Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan addresses filming 'Polin' season 3 sex scenes

The actress said it's "terrifying" being the new lead.

Bridgerton spoilers follow.

Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan has responded to the prospect of filming steamier scenes between Penelope and Colin for the third season.

Season 3 of Netflix's hit show will focus on the blossoming romance between the couple (aka Polin), skipping the third book of Julia Quinn's series centring on Benedict's pursuit of love.

Bridgerton wouldn't be Bridgerton without those scenes, and being the central romance of the next season means there is likely to be some sex scenes between the high society gossip writer and Bridgerton brother, played by Luke Newton.

The Derry Girls actress revealed that filming said scenes and taking the lead in the upcoming season is, understandably, a little scary.

penelope and colin bridgerton season 2 netflix

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When asked by E! News if she was ready to film them, Coughlan joked: "I'm gonna have to be!"

She added that it's "terrifying" being the lead next season, but that she's "known for a really long time."

"I've known [since], like, two weeks into filming season two, so I had a lot of time to adjust to it," she told People. "But then, last night when they were like, 'The news is coming out. You can talk about it', I was like, 'I don't want to. I'm too scared'.

"When I say it out [loud], it makes it real."

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The Irish star also chatted about her nerves filming sex scenes back in March, telling Digital Spy: "I think I'm genuinely – and I'm not kidding – going to ask Shondaland for a special family-friendly cut. Because I just think it's embarrassing enough watching the scenes that I am not in there like that."

Fans have followed this unrequited love story since season one, but just as it looked like sparks were beginning to fly between the two, the season two finale saw Penelope's heart break when she overheard Colin saying he would never court her.

So the only question now is, how will Polin overcome this and conform to the friends-to-lovers trope we've all come to know and love?

Bridgerton seasons 1-2 are streaming now on Netflix.

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