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Marvel gifts for men, women and kids – t-shirts, pyjamas, board games and more

Super duper.

That's the thing about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's a whole universe. A multiverse, actually, these days – infinite universes! And those universes are all packed with really cool stuff that you can buy. Gifts for men, for women, for kids or most importantly, we can all agree, for yourself. How else to show the world your Marvel love?

There's not just one fandom of course – there are Captain America fans, Iron Man fans, Spider-Man fans, Hawkeye f… Well, there are Spider-Man fans. Whether you want Hulk on your t-shirt or Cap on your cap, we've got you covered one way or another.

Some people want to sleep with Doctor Strange (by which we mean they want a pillow, or Marvel pyjamas) and others want to play around with Captain Marvel (on a board game). Others want to (rightly) celebrate all the heroes of the MCU at once, or even the genocidal supervillains (we're not here to judge. Merely to condemn.)

Thankfully there is an enormous multiverse of madness merch out there waiting to be explored, and we've had a good poke around to find you the best of it.

There's deep-cut jewellery for the superfans, there are the comfiest fleecey snuggle blankets to be had, there are actual flowerpots made out of Groot's head. (Note: not actually Groot's head.)

We haven't forgotten the Lego fans either, with the Infinity Gauntlet and Iron Man perennial favourites and the Daily Bugle set frankly too incredible not to include.

We're aware that not everyone has the budget to pre-order a full-sized Iron Man costume, so we've tried to cover all bases from the tiny keyring to the Folio Society's bound edition of classic Marvel comics.

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Daily Bugle lego set
Marvel lego.com

Quite possibly the coolest Lego set ever, complete with J Jonah Jameson's office, Betty Brant at her desk next door, Spider-Gwen scaling the walls, the Green Goblin, Doc Ock and more attacking the exterior… Amazing.

The Prince's Trust Avengers Basketball by Joseph Orebiyi

Produced in partnership with the Prince's Trust, this basketball will liven up any games of one on one. Recreate the scene where Stephen Strange interrupts Jonathan Pangborn's court time!

The Avengers Pyjamas For Men
Marvel amazon.co.uk

For a truly heroic night's sleep, there can only be one set of PJs...

Marvel Womens Pyjamas
Marvel amazon.co.uk

You thought Avengers pyjamas were something only men or the under-12s would enjoy? How wrong you were.

Thor's Hammer Dangle Charm
Pandora shopdisney.co.uk

Give your charm bracelet the power of Mjolnir with this Thor hammer charm. Just remember that no one else can pick it up unless they are deemed worthy.

Groot Plant Pot
Udream amazon.co.uk

You want this for your desk, don't you? How could you not, with his adorable Baby Groot face looking back at you?

I Love You 3000 bracelet
YONGHUI amazon.co.uk

You too can show you love your partner as much as Morgan Stark loved her daddy. *SOB!*

Infinity Gauntlet Building Set
LEGO amazon.co.uk

Almost as challenging to build as the universe is to decimate (and even more fun!), Lego has created the ultimate shelf-pleaser. Just don't let the power go to your head.

Iron Man Lego figure
LEGO amazon.co.uk

Iron Man lives! In tiny plastic brick form, but we'll take it.

Spider-Man Keyring
Marvel poundtoy.com

Now you can look at Spider-Man's face whenever you open the door.

Avengers Soft Throw
Licensed Primark amazon.co.uk

Can't face the day? Now you never have to, thanks to this unbelievably snuggly blanket that you can hide under till it all goes away.

I Was Groot Cutting Board
personalisedstore.co.uk amazon.co.uk

Come on, you laughed.

Hulk Smash Boys T-Shirt
Popgear amazon.co.uk

Odd that the one superhero who famously never wears a shirt should have his own shirt, but here we are.

Captain America T-Shirt
Marvel amazon.co.uk

With a distressed logo to give it that worn-in, Civil War-era look. Beard of Sorrow optional.

Marvel Spirit Jersey
Disney Amazon UK

That's just plain cool. And trippy.

Marvel Avengers Match Board Game
Top Trumps amazon.co.uk

When the movies and shows have all been watched and rewatched, the fun doesn't have to stop. Now play the game!

Marvel Splendor Board Game
Space Cowboys amazon.co.uk

Thanos wants you to play with him. Look how much fun he's having!

Doctor Strange Throw Pillow

Perfect for resting your weary head against Benedict Cumberbatch's 2d-rendered profile on those evenings when you're exhausted from all the sorcery.

Baseball Cap with Captain America Shield
Snapback Amazon UK

We've said it before, but we'll say it again: Cap on your cap. We'll keep saying it till someone cracks a smile.

WOW! PODS - Spider-Man Light-Up Bobble-Head Figure
WOW! PODS amazon.co.uk

It lights up! Just like the real… Wait, no, he does anything that a spider can, but he can't do that.

Groot Shoulder Soft Toy
Disney shopdisney.co.uk

Admit it – when baby Groot rested on the Guardians' shoulders and went to sleep in Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2, you wanted your own squishy shoulder Groot.

Marvel: The Golden Age 1939-1949
Marvel foliosociety.com

Selected and introduced by former Marvel editor-in-chief (and Stan Lee's direct successor) Roy Thomas.

Avengers Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

Available in grey, navy or black.

Avengers Glass Set 4 pack
Marvel Amazon UK

Perfect for when kicking back with a carafe of mysterious Dark Green Recovery Drink.

Thanos Adult Latex Mask
Marvel fun.co.uk

Not gonna lie, it creeps us the hell out, but that's kind of the point.

Eye of Agamotto replica set
Marvel zavvi.com

Official replicas of the Eye of Agamotto, levitation cloak pins and your very own sling ring.

Bluetooth Iron Man Speaker

You could play 'Iron Man' by Black Sabbath on it. Just an idea.

Adults Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet

Don't go getting any ideas, now...

Supreme Edition Men's Iron Man Costume

You are guaranteed to be the talk of the cosplay convention in this magnificent replica costume.

Thanos Glove Bottle Opener
Boyigog amazon.co.uk

You might not be able to wipe out half of all life in the universe, but at least you can crack a brewski in style.

Marvel Logo Light
Paladone amazon.co.uk

You know that bit at the beginning of a Marvel film where the music kicks in and the logo flickers past? Recreate that in 3d at home with this light! Your life can be a Marvel film!

10pcs Enamel Pins Set
SuperPowers amazon.co.uk

A very classy set of metal/enamel badges here with emblems for ten heroes – Spider-Man, Iron Man, Venom and more

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